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Tooth bleaching guided by elab protocol

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The aim of this report is to demonstrate simple digitally controlled tooth bleaching elab protocol. To do this we used a cross polarizing filter (polar_eyes) attached to Cannon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX flash to get the cross pollarized picture. A grey card was included in the photo (elab_card) to calibrate the photos in colour and lightness. Walking internal bleaching (Ena white regular, Micerium S.p.A., Avegno, Italy) was proceeded. At day 10 Opalescence pf 16%/ (Ultradent Products, Inc, South Jordan, UT, USA) was added to the protocol. At one-year-follow-up appointment we can calculate the rebound of ΔΕ = 3,03 but the difference between the two central incisors is ΔΕ = 1,1.


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D. Tsanaktsidis
Private practice

Dimitris Tsanaktsidis – dental practitioner


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Tsanaktsidis D. Tooth bleaching guided by elab protocol. Эндодонтия Today. 2021;19(4):326-329.

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Tsanaktsidis D. Tooth bleaching guided by elab protocol. Endodontics Today. 2021;19(4):326-329.

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